CVHS is currently caring for around 1,200 small animals that were removed from a severe animal hoarding case on a property in Vinton, Iowa. The animals have spent their first week in CVHS’s care being set up in clean and comfortable homes in the shelter and being checked over by

Winter can give cabin fever to both people and pets alike. Here are some tips for helping your cat remain happy and active while maintaining a safe indoor environment, especially during the cold winter months. Porch time Provide a screened porch or other safe way for your cat to experience

Come to the CVHS Shelter November 24th for our Black Furr-iday deals on pet supplies and gifts! CVHS Branded Water Bottles:  $10 Czech Meowt T-shirts:  $10 Pawprint Ornament Kit:  $10  $6.50 (Lowest price in town!!!) Pet themed bags, signs, and non-branded mugs:  20% OFF Hard rubber chew toys:  $5 You can

Thanksgiving is a time when the whole family comes together over a great meal. Here are some recipes from around the web that you can cook to include even the furry members of your family! Simple Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes promote your dog’s digestive health, are a powerful antioxidant, and can help

Keep your pet lean. Pets that are overweight are at risk for many health problems such as joint disease, diabetes and heart disease, just to mention a few. Studies have shown that being overweight can shorten your dog or cat’s life by as much as two years. Feed a high-quality

Halloween is a spooky time for dogs with noise anxiety. Here are some tips for dog owners to help deal with the stress of trick or treaters this holiday. Keep The Dog In A Secure Place Your dog should stay locked in a secure, comfortable room where he can lie