The Cedar Valley Humane Society is pleased to announce that it has reached a voluntary legal settlement and release agreement with Benton County, the City of Vinton, and Barbara & Marshall Galkowski in the matter of the Petition for Disposition of Threatened Animals filed by Benton County on January 22, 2018. In an order issued February 8, 2018, Judge Patrick Grady ordered that the animals removed from the Galkowski residence (now totaling more than 800) had been neglected within the meaning of Iowa Code §717B.3. In that order, the Court ruled that all but 14 animals were to be permanently removed from the Galkowskis’ custody. The Court ruled that the Galkowski family was permitted to retrieve a total of not more than ten rabbits and/or guinea pigs, along with one turtle and three lizards by February 16, 2018, provided the Galkowskis paid expenses for the animals. The remaining animals were to ...

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