Halloween for pet owners can either be super fun or super scary. Following these Halloween pet safety tips will help you have a howling good time this holiday!
Keep Halloween candy away from pets! Chocolate and the common sweetener Xylitol are both toxic to dogs. Keep all candy out of reach of pets and watch for signs of poisoning including diarrhea, vomiting, and rapid breathing in case your animals eats any candy.
Keep animals inside and confined during trick or treating. Not only will this make it easier on you while you answer the door, but it reduces the risk of your pet escaping through the door, biting, or excessively barking. Trick-or-treaters can also cause stress for your pets, so keeping them separated from the front room will help them stay calm and happy.
Keep animals inside around Halloween. Don’t let your pet become the target of a cruel Halloween “prank” because it …

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