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  • Abe

    Abe is 13-year-old senior cat looking for a new home. He only has one tooth... but his heart is full of love and he is ready to meet you!
  • Ridge

    Ridge is a two year old Pit Bull/Terrier mix. This big friendly guy was picked up as a stray with another dog and was brought to CVHS where he is now looking for his forever home!

Your pet’s coat can say a lot about the state of their physical and emotional health. By paying attention to changes in their fur, you can keep track of your pet’s well-being and address any issues. Here are some things to look for when inspecting your pet’s coat. Color and Sheen The depth of color and the sheen of a pet’s coat are affected primarily by its diet. Both dogs and cats require diets which include healthy proteins, amino acids, and fats. It’s important to note of what your pet breed’s fur looks like in a normal, healthy animal. If you see changes in these areas, with color losing its pop or fur losing its luster and getting dry and worn out, you may need to consider a diet change for your pet. In some cases you may need to consult a vet about supplementing your pet’s diet. Pests By keeping up ...

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