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  • Icicle

    This 4-year-old beauty is laid back and enjoys human affection. Every once in a while you will find her playing with a toy or two.
  • Izzy

    Despite her age, she is an active dog. She is very people oriented and is a happy, active dog who enjoy long walks, playing in a big fenced-in yard, an occasional treat and and lots of belly rubs.

Spring marks the time to remove unsuitable decorations at the pet cemetery.  This process begins April 1st and continues into the fall/winter depending on snow fall.  We are asking that all Christmas/Holiday decorations be removed by April 1st.  In order for a family to save any decorations placed on a grave, the decoration should be removed prior to these date. Wind, rain, and sunshine all take a toll on the decorations, therefore, CVHS reserves the right to remove all flowers, wreaths or other decorations from lots when they become damaged or unsightly.  When items are blown about by weather, the staff, volunteers, or the mowing crew have no choice but to dispose of them as replacement at specific sites is not possible. Artificial flowers placed in the ground are easily damaged by weather and mowing.  If they have to be moved for mowing, they are very difficult if not impossible to be ...

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