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  • Jennifer

    Jennifer is a laid back, independent gal who loves affection.
  • Cowboy

    This Australian Cattle Dog mix is a super sweet dog who needs a little bit of TLC.

Being a pet owner can be a truly rewarding experience. It is also a 10-15 year long commitment (sometimes even longer!) so before bringing a new family member into your home, consider these things before adopting: Time: Pets require a lot of our time. They will look to you for their needs (proper nutrition, visits to the veterinarian, exercise, grooming, etc.). You need to ensure that you are able to dedicate enough time each day to your pet. Money: Being a pet owner is also expensive. Food, training, grooming, toys, treats, vet expenses, flea and worm treatments can all add up. In fact, it can cost thousands of dollars per year depending on whether or not any medical emergencies arise. Challenges: Flea infestations, scratched furniture, accidents in the house, and unexpected medical emergencies are unfortunate but common aspects of pet ownership. Vacation: You’ll need friends, family members or neighbors to care for ...

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