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  • Katie

    Katie is a sweet and loving senior kitty looking for a forever home to retire in.
  • Duke

    He knows sit, stay, no, and come. He would do great in a home with an active family.

Thanksgiving dinners are meant for sharing but not everything on your table is safe for your pet. Some foods are safe and even healthy for your pets but some are completely off limits. Here’s is a list of foods that are dangerous for your pet to ingest and a list of foods that are safe for your pet. The following are not safe for your pet: • Bones: These can easily splinter and become lodged in your pet’s throat or mouth. Even worse, they can perforate the intestines. Larger bones can cause intestinal blockage. • Onions and Garlic: These seasonings can cause anemia. • Unbaked bread dough: Even the smallest amount of raw dough made from live yeast can expand in your pet’s stomach and cause an upset stomach. If too much is eaten, it can also cause breathing difficulties. • Raw eggs, meat, and fish: These can cause salmonella or E ...

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